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7-Keto works like no other natural compound. 7-Keto helps you lose weight, improve cardiovascular functions and galvanize the immune system. It also helps improve cognitive function and memory; lowers stress induced high blood pressure and much more.


7-Keto is an amazing product with 3 key areas of value for your better health.
First, weight loss is clearly enhanced by 7-Keto’s stimulating effect on fat metabolism. The result is that your body burns calories faster and accumulated fat deposits will be more readily eliminated.
Second, 7-Keto helps improve cardiovascular functions by reducing the dieter’s enemy: Cortisol, a nasty hormone associated with stress and chronic mood changes. Cortisol has also been known to contribute to weight gain and have been shown to speed up the aging process.
Third, 7-Keto helps to enhance your body’s ability to fight disease, even before its onset. This all-natural product helps boost the immune system’s antibody and T-cell response. This means that your good antibodies have a better chance fighting new infections caused by “invaders” such as bacteria and viruses.


    • Helps improve cognitive function and enhances memory
    • Enhances IGF-1 (Growth Hormone) production
    • May be helpful in preventing Alzheimer’s disease
    • Helpful for overcoming insulin resistance in Type II diabetes
    • Helps lower stress-induced high blood pressure
    • Helps increase muscle mass
    • Helps to ease inflammatory conditions like lupus and arthritis
    • Boosts energy and relieves fatigue
    • Helps to prevent skin wrinkling
    • Helpful for asthma patients


3-Acetyl-7-Dehydroepiandrosterone (enhanced DHEA)
50mg per capsule


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