Choosing Package Level

Choosing a CortiSystem Package Level – Which level is right for you?


Level One

If you are looking for a perfect “starting platform”, CortiSystem Trim and Detox is your key to reduced body weight and increased energy. It’s our bestseller for those with sensitivity to stimulants. CortiSystem Trim and Detox is a gentle-acting, all-natural herbal formula that helps weight loss efforts while giving you a comfortable boost to maintain a healthy and energetic lifestyle.


Level Two

If you are looking for a significantly more POTENT formula than our CortiSystem Trim and Detox, then CortiSystem Power Trio is the package for you! For many of our clients, it’s also a perfect weapon in their battle against stubborn pounds that refuse to disappear. This combination is a declared favorite for those seeking to lose weight and maintain their goals.

Level Three

If your metabolism has slowed down and your not dealing with health-related conditions that would be affected by an elevated metabolic rate, you should consider CortiSystem Trim Plus Package. Definitely not suggested for those with sensitivities. We recommend Level 2 before upgrading to this level.

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