Hello. I’m Judy Singer…

When do we know something is right? For me it’s a feeling I get or a reaction that keeps my thoughts coming back to confirm that what I experienced was truly good. Over my lifetime that’s happened a few times, like when I first met my husband and when friendships just “click” from the beginning.

Having no sisters or brothers, I’ve always felt particularly close to my “inner circle”, those that I trusted to tell me honestly if something was right or…maybe not quite as good as I may have initially thought.

My Name on the Label

Over the last quarter of a century I have focused on healthy, natural products and have been blessed with a kind of enthusiasm about things I believe in — especially when they have my name on the label.

A quirk I take seriously is keeping products and foods as natural as possible. Years ago when that idea was new (remember when “natural” was a new way of thinking?) well it seemed like an uphill battle to convince people that chemicals and dare I say “junk” was in almost everything we ate and used.

Thinking back, do you remember the scare about foods with the dye Red #5? Those days more than a quarter of a century ago really put me into motion with something I believed inside that was “RIGHT”. Get far away from chemicals for ingestibles and topicals.

I always had a curiosity about how things worked and what “really” happened to the nutrients in the foods we eat – where they went ( like eyes, hair, muscle) and how they got there.

My curiosity expanded further back into history as I studied findings of anthropologists that researched the seeds, nuts and animals that were consumed and even stored in the Pyramids and caves even earlier.

Today our food supply is far from natural, unless of course we grow it ourselves – and that isn’t even perfect because of all the toxins in our air and water! I was troubled as I stumbled around the markets and stores looking for “real” items to consume or use.

And Then There is Stress

And oh my…stress being a large part of life, affects everyone’s body so differently. For me it manifested itself in weight gain. The usual story about looking in the mirror one day and not being the same size as when I got married certainly hit me when looking at some photos. That extra weight settled around my hips, stomach, face…well, if speaking frankly, it covered the “whole works” head to toe.

For years I limited foods with fat and never ate junk-food. So you ask how it could be that someone eating “right” gains weight. Stress is one answer and the other is that with stress we sometimes don’t do everything right for ourselves. Over time our life style accumulates and there I was unhealthy, over-weight and very unhappy which caused me to be even more stressed.

My View of the Perfect Remedy

I knew I had to do something, and I did. I tried a host of natural ingredients and worked to find the exact right formula that I could trust. Imagine how thrilled I was to have finally discovered the perfect remedy? It wasn’t the first time I lost weight…but this time I was amazed at the fact that I was able to maintain!

Yes!!! I went from a size 18 to an 8 and although there have been times when life’s “spears and arrows” have had their way.

I’ve been able to revitalize and renew my healthy size, healthy skin and healthy hair. My blood work is outstanding (far, far from what it was before when it was a disgrace) and I honestly feel so much better and look better now than before. I regained self-confidence, self-esteem and, needless to say, my personal life took an amazing turn for the better.

My Personal Formulas

Friends and family started asking me what I was doing. I offered them my personal formulas and before I knew it, was overwhelmed with how many people were really happy with what they received.

Friends started telling friends and before a couple of months, business grew beyond my dreams. As the word spread it was thrilling to know that what I was doing was working. It was the real thing! I became aware that people were traveling to see family abroad and shared my products in countries across the globe.

Business grew and the blessing that most business owners wish is for success through word-of-mouth. I am proud to say that this product changed not only my life but that of many others.

Now I have desire to also share natural products that fit the need of my generation and surrounding generations. Each stage of life has specific needs and should be perfect for your best age.

Our Ongoing Plans

Ongoing, we are developing a line of products for your best age always focusing on nature while always being committed to being pure as well as effective.

Thus far we are proud to share with you as always new natural products for better health, anti-stress, solutions for graying and thinning hair, better sleep, helping quell the discomforts of menopause and a host of highly effective solutions that have made even non-believers of natural products take notice!

Welcome to our world of ever growing natural health solutions with top-of-the line ingredients for clean, healthy, and effective results.

In our third decade in the natural product business we are always interested in hearing your personal interests in new ideas. Drop us a note and we will be happy to respond.

Judy Singer’s “Pure All Natural Products, Pure All Natural Results” ™

Always my sincere commitment is to you….

– Judy Singer

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